How to Enable And Disable WhatsApp Google Drive Backup Feature

You have just bought a new smartphone, and you would want to keep your WhatsApp chats.
You need to migrate your chat to your new phone in a hassle-free way. There is no need of going through the tedious backing up of messages on your microSD card and later on manually moving them to the new phone’s storage. This is true because Google, in conjunction with Facebook, has rolled out a feature that lets you save all of your messages in thecloud and later on access them from any device using the same Google account and WhatsApp phone number used during saving.
If you are still new to this, here is a quick guide on how to enable Google Drive backup in WhatsApp.
  • A Google account
  • Android 2.3.4 and above
  • Latest WhatsApp 2.12.317 for Android available for free download from the Play Store.

Gmail Password Phishing - Bad People's Stuff

Check Here ( If your Gmail Password Compromised )

It's just a bad stuff what have done by some immature people , if we say them HACKER that really a insult of HACKER world , and people belongs to it .........

So, what this people are nothing but just a good pretty HTML form maker or some PHP file writer who done this phishing by greeding(to seduce) them who don't have fair enough knowledge of web .........

Emulator For Windows Phone Which Run Android App In Windows Phone


Why not you guys build app for windows phone which run Android .APK file on windows phone platform , so you have all the android app for windows phone...........

You can also buid it for other like iphone , blackberry , and other different app format..........

Emulator which give idea windows phone app to how to run .APK file , So windows can understand .APK file and run it on windows phone............

If you make it you guys rocks........

If You Really Want to Make it more bigger give What Here : Emulator For Windows

The More Vote You Give People Get More Realize About Idea & We Can Get To Microsoft For This Idea , Let's Do It................ 

Gayle Storm : Full Match Of RCB & PWI

Click on Dowload Match , Then Wait For While , Then After Select the Video Ratio , Click on More>> for more Video Ratio Option & then click on Video Ratio Link & Download Video.....................

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Google Doodle On Earth Day

Google Doodle On Earth Day - 22/04/2013

Today's Google's Doodle

London 2012 Diving

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