Workload takes toll on Shah Rukh Khan

While King Khan is known for his numerous romantic leads, over the years the physical demands of his job have taken a heavy toll on his body. Despite being bruised and battered on several occasions, SRK soldiers on

Left cervical (neck)
In 2006, Shah Rukh was doing a guest appearance in Shakti, a Boney Kapoor film, when he suffered a neck injury while performing a stunt. His physiotherapist Dr Ali Irani sais he was advised neck surgery. Shah Rukh had to fly to the the UK, where he was operated on by a renowned surgeon who works with rugby players.

Left rib
Shah Rukh's first major injury occured in the early 90s at film city, where he had to jump on Anupam Kher, who was sitting on a sofa.
Just as he jumped, Kher accidentally lifted his leg, hitting SRK smack on his chest. Three of his ribs were fractured.

Left ankle
SRK jumped from the first floor for a fight sequence and twisted his left ankle. Though the sequence was to be performed by a stuntman named Riyaz, SRK had insisted on doing it himself. He was laid low for several weeks.

Right toe
In 1993, after a spate of injuries on the left side of the body, SRK suffered a severe injury on his right toe, again while shooting a jump sequence. The injured toe troubling him again after he hurt it while shooting for My Name Is Khan.

Left shoulder
He uffered a severe injury on his left shoulder in 2008, when he tore his supraspinatus - one of the four rotator-cuff muscles in the shoulder. But Shah Rukh ignored it because of his heavy schedule and decided to work through the pain.

The shoulder got worse the following year, while shooting My Name Is Khan. "He had to jump over an actress, in a scene but misjudged the jump and landed on his shoulder," said orthopaedic surgeon Dr Sanjay Desai.

Though he was in terrible pain, Shah Rukh went in for surgery only after the shooting schedule for the film was over. "We did a minimally invasive surgery at the Breach Candy hospital. He has recovered very well and today he is doing plenty of tough scenes," Desai said

Left knee
In 1990, he suffered a severe injury during a fight sequence. Shah Rukh had a strain in the Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL), which is one of the four major ligaments of the knee. An MCL injury is known to be very painful.

In 1994-95, he again hurt his left knee while shooting a running sequence for Rakesh Roshan's Koyla. Despite the injury, he continued to shoot as the film's set was put up in Arunachal Pradesh and halting the shoot would have led to severe losses. "There is a scene in the film where SRK is running with a duppatta tied around his left knee.

While anyone would think it was for the film, he had actually tied Madhuri's dupatta to ease the pain," said Dr Irani, who was constantly giving him physiotherapy sessions those says. SRK flew to Austria for surgery after wrapping up the shoot.

Then in 2011, he hurt his knee for the third time while shooting for Ra.One. "He is going through physiotherapy and is healing. We have decided to postpone his knee surgery till he is doing better," said Irani.

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